Friday, February 28, 2014

See You Next Year February!

This month we spent a lot of our free days together driving back and forth from Newcastle looking at potential new rentals. We didn't have much luck though.
I visited my friend for a city date
and Luke & I made one of my favourite Sunday pizzas yet.

This month we spent a lot of time focusing on looking for a new place to live. Luke & I have made the decision that we're going to be moving back to Newcastle as soon as we can find somewhere to live. We made this decision a couple of months ago and now the time has come to start organising this big change & we've been driving back and forth to house viewings whenever we possibly can. Moving is the worst, I cannot wait to be all settled and unpacked already. Aside from house hunting, we've been keeping a low profile this month, which hasn't been hard with the wet weather we've been having here.  The colder season is definitely going to be a challenge with Romy, she really likes being out and about so I don't know how she'll take her first winter. But I most certainly am looking forward to bringing my cardigans back out again. See you later February!

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  1. You are moving towards cold winters and I am moving away from them haha. Good luck finding a place!


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