Friday, February 21, 2014


Reading:  New issues of Frankie, Feast & Renegade Collective. 

Watching: Luke & I have really been getting into Parks & Recreation lately, there is something really quotable every episode. Mostly from Ron Swanson. Also, Andy has really grown on me in the later seasons, its going to be a crying shame when I run out of episodes. I mean, especially consider there aren't any new Mindy episodes. And Pretty Little Liars is only once a week, but I do spend the other six days of the week thinking about what Ezra has to do with Ali, its driving me insane!

Listening to: Nothing new of late as I have made next to no time for looking into new bands. On rotation at the moment is Odd Future, Lykke Li, The National, Miley Cyrus & Fiest. 

Thinking about: How nice it would be to find an awesome rental within the next four weeks. Our current lease finishes at the end of March, but we've been given the green light to move out whenever we like because our real estate knows how crazy our neighbours are. We've looked at a couple of places, but now that we have Romy to factor into our decision making it really narrows down our choices. So there will be lots of positive thinking and awesome rental envisioning happening around here this next month!

Working on: A pizza menu for my friends new pizza shop he opened up just before Christmas. I whipped up the first menu last year and am now working on a new, refined version of the menu. I will be super glad to cross this off my to-do list so I can start working on some things for myself.

Loving: Salads for lunch. I usually eat my lunch when Romy retires for her afternoon nap, and some days I really couldn't be bothered if we've had a rough morning with teeth grief. So anything that takes longer than two minutes I usually don't bother with. But I wanted to work on becoming more interested in making my meals so when meal times come around I don't spend any time thinking about how its going to take forever so I won't bother, and just get stuck into making it. I've just been making simple salads with roasted vegetables on the side and its been well worth the extra effort! Pushing myself to become a little more motivated is also something I am loving this month!

Planning: On stocking up on lots of pretty coloured wool to make a shit load of pom poms for a DIY project I came across on Pinterest last week. Its been a while since I threw myself into a hands on creative project and if I can get everything done off of my current to-do list this DIY will be an even greater guilt free reward to myself!


  1. Ohhh, helping your friend come up with a pizza menu sounds like the best job ever!

  2. I love Parks & Rec, it's one of my absolute favorites!! Andy is one of my husbands favorite characters too. Sometimes when we are feeling down we'll watch one or two of our favorite episodes so we can have a good laugh. :)


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