Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twin Peaks Lust

Once a year I get the Twin Peaks itch and need to watch the series. Sometimes I only watch up until Laura Palmer's killer is revealed, and other times I watch the whole series. It is such a shame the show got cancelled, I feel as though if Twin Peaks was to have its day right now it would be quite successful. But like so many other wonderful things  (90210, slouch socks, rollerblading and 10c tattoo bubblegum) it belongs to the 90's.


  1. Well, 90210 came back for a few years and just ended in 2013. I watched it because I loved the original but it was not the same at all. It probably would have been best if it was left behind in the 90s!

  2. I wish it had been left behind too! I really didn't like round two :(


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