Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pinch & A Punch

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Hello February, didn't you creep up suddenly! This year has been going nice and smoothly so far. Luke & I had quite a pleasant January with Romy, but now we're ready to get stuck into this new year. January is such an idealistic time of year with resolutions and plans, but February is when it all really starts. This month our house hunting begins! Our lease is up in March, but we have been told that our landlord doesn't mind if we break our lease, so that has given us some extra time to look for another house. I've mentioned before that we have crazy neighbours and they are one of the reasons that we are moving, and the quicker they are just a silly neighbour of the past the better! We are definitely ready for a change, and I am especially looking forward to changing things up around the house. I've been browsing Pinterest to come down from my Pretty Little Liars high after seeing the new episode, and looking at house inspiration has definitely taken the edge off looking for a new rental. 

This month I have set myself some little goals to read new blogs + catch up properly on old favourites, start a new novel, finish the illustration I am working on, send four pieces of snail mail & write a blog post everyday. I'm looking forward to how busy this month is going to be!

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