Thursday, February 6, 2014

Making Time

This quote has been running through my mind lately serving as a great motivator to get things done. I find myself wanting to do things, sometimes something super small like rearranging a space in our house, or an illustration, and I say to myself "when I have the time I'll do that". And eventually the idea fizzles out because I never find myself any closer to doing it. This year I've committed to setting myself monthly goals so I can give a small group of things a lot of attention for a month rather than allowing myself the whole year to get around to it. And this month I would like to make more time for the things that I enjoy, and more time for the things that need to be done. 


  1. This really is a great quote and totally true. I also always get ideas and save it for when I have time but then I never do and then I forget about it. Making goals and lists is probably the best idea!

  2. Oh my goodness, so true. I'm in the middle of a move, restructuring my work, raising a one-year-old and three months from having another baby ... I certainly never "find" time anywhere. But I try to make some every single day for the things that are important to me. What a good inspiration. I love the image ... did you make it yourself?

    1. I did using fonts from, feel free to use the image!


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