Monday, February 3, 2014

Today We

Today we ate home made bagels for breakfast and read the Sunday paper
Romy had a Dr Seuss kind of breakfast of green eggs & ham
We filled out rental applications before we went to a viewing for a sweet little cottage
And had Grill'd afterwards on the way back to the coast
We got home a little later than expected from the house viewing with all of the afternoon traffic. Romy didn't mind though, it just bought her extra playing time when we got home to make up for the travel time spent in the car today. On Luke's days off she likes to be around him as much as possible, so if he's in the kitchen, she's in the kitchen. It was nice having a low key day altogether, hopefully we can find a new rental soon so we can get back to making plans on Luke's days off. Enjoy your week!


  1. Ahhh shop bought bagels are delicious so I envy those homemade ones - bet they're 10 times as better and they certainly look it! Best of look with looking for rentals too, I imagine it can be a bit of pain. I've got to say that Romy is such a gorgeous name, not heard that much at all where I live. You're one beautiful family!

    Thanks for your comment too! I'm glad you commented as I'm able to see your wonderful posts. I definitely agree with the ''you won't even find the time, unless you make the time'' quote, it's very true and I do fall into using the 'no time' comment a lot but I've tried to stop and reevaluate my plans like you mentioned, it's definitely helped. Those crafted felt decorations sound perfect, I got a bit crafty this year with d.i.y wrapping paper and such and it's refreshing getting off the net for a while.

  2. Good luck with your rental! Those burgers look delicious!

  3. that last picture is perfection! love it.

  4. oh my! that burger looks delicious! nice pics
    thanks for your comment on my blog ;)


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