Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Happy List

Postcard parties with my friend Lara
Somewhere along the lines my friend Lara & I started sending each other postcards. This has been an ongoing thing for a couple of years now, and every time one arrives in the post it really brightens my day! While we both have separate types of humour, our friendship has taken on its own odd sense of humour over the years that keeps our postcard party interesting. Romy had a pretty rough afternoon today, so when Luke brought the mail in on his way home - a postcard from Lara in one hand and a takeaway latte + mint slice in the other - it really made my day! It's always nice receiving something other than a bill in the mail. 


  1. First off- that giant owl family photo is priceless! I too have a trunk load of goofy cards and letters between friends and I over the years. I keep it for my kids, so that when they are all grown up, they can see that their mom had a sense of humor once upon a time!

  2. Love this! I really love mail and I want to be better at it! Thanks for the inspiration!


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