Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Happy List

Pretty Little Liars
Have you seen it? Its about a stylish group of teenage sleuths trying to solve the mystery of their missing friend while being stalked by the elusive 'A' who is somehow involved in their friend's disappearance. This show is so addictive, and actually scary! The first couple of episodes of the show were initially off-putting for me and I found them hard to get through for the first time, but after those first couple the characters really start to develop and thats when shit gets real. I can't wait until season 4 is released on DVD, I will most definitely be rewatching from season 1! While 'Pretty Little Liars' isn't a deeply profound or meaningful contributor to my everyday happiness, I still really do enjoy it and thought it deserved a spot on my list considering how much time I've spent lately thinking about it. Waiting for next weeks episode to see what Spencer has come across is going to be hell!


  1. I've been watching this show since it began and I love it. However, lately, there have been characters that annoy me so much that sometimes I have to pause it and walk away haha. Hanna is driving me crazy and I really wish she'd just go away! My favorite characters are Aria, Spencer, and Toby. The rest of the cast I don't even care about anymore!

  2. I was the exact opposite, I really liked the first two seasons then it just went downhill. I think part of the problem is that you never actually find anything out, it'll seem like something major has been revealed, then a few episodes later it turns out that its a lie. I do remember being obsessed with Aria's eyebrows though :D x


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