Friday, January 31, 2014

Monthly Wrap Up

This month I started some new features this month pizza sunday, my happy list & 52 portraits of Romy
I also started sharing little everyday moments
I made my favourite sweet treat
I shared some of my favourite Australian blogs
And drank cocktails!
January was a pretty cruisy month for us. We went on picnics, spent time with my extended family, stayed up late watching the tennis, made lots of cocktails, fell in love with Ron Swanson, went for evening walks, started our days earlier & themed our dinner nights. One of my resolutions was to use my spare time more wisely, and while I still do waste time during Romy's naps I feel like I've been using my evenings more wisely and things around the house are more organised. I planned and scheduled a lot of my blog posts this month which freed up a lot of time on Luke's days off so we could spend more quality time together, and we used Luke's days off more wisely. I don't usually enjoy January as much as the rest of the year, but I definitely enjoyed this January with my little family!


  1. I really love your Pizza Sunday posts :) I'm thinking of stealing that tradition for Ben and I to try. Do you normally buy the pizza bases? and if so, what brand do you find is the nicest/most affordable? xx

    1. Thanks Felicity! Sunday Pizza Night is the best! We've been doing it for almost a year I think, and now that I've included it in on my blog, its been even more exciting because we try and come up with better topping suggestions than each other! We do normally buy the bases, next time I'm over at my parents house I'll grab their awesome pizza base recipe and email it to you. And tomorrow when I'm stocking up on pizza supplies I'll pay attention to the bases we buy as well. I generally try and get wood fire bases and they're usually about $3 each. Start your pizza sunday tomorrow!! xx

    2. We're doing the shopping today, and I already told Ben tonight is pizza night haha! :P I want to put cherry tomatoes and feta on and Ben wants bacon.. hmm lol. I'll keep a look out for the wood fire bases, but that would be lovely if you could email me the recipe. :) xx

  2. Picnics. You went on picnics. I am sitting here being suffocated in multiple feet of snow for months and you are on picnics. Sigh. I am jealous.


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