Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

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New beginnings are wonderful, especially the first day of a new year. There is so much promise and positivity because you have the chance to start afresh and make changes in your life no matter how big or small. This year rather than set myself big resolutions and let my motivation for them fizzle out if they aren't seen through within the first few weeks, I am going to span out the things I want to work on and change across the next 12 months. First up on my 2014 agenda is working on this space here. I will be changing my blog content slightly, starting new features & posting more regularly about the things that I want to post about. Blogging has been such a positive & productive hobby for me, and especially so the last 6 months. When I started to plan blog posts, I found I started to get more ideas for this space and I became more interested in what I was trying to achieve. I originally started this blog because I wanted a space to share my illustrations as a way of motivating myself to draw more and to do more with those drawings. And this year I would like to get back to basics and make better use of my creative side, which I feel as been quite lazy of late. 

This year I want to read more, and watch less. Lighten up & let things go. Take advantage of the fact that I have a chef as a husband and take him up on his offer to teach me how to cook. Discover my green thumb and plant some herbs. Stay positive. Get to the bottom of my craft box and make more things. Ditch some bad habits. Learn to sew. And get into the habit of doing things now. I have a great feeling about this year, happy New Year everyone!


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