Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Happy List

House Projects With Luke
This week Luke & I painted our wooden tv cabinet a dark teal colour so we can start bringing more colour into our living room. Even though we both would like to ideally replace the cabinet altogether, there is nothing wrong with it and we're trying not to make unnecessary bigger purchases while we're saving for our new car. So it actually turned out to be a fun little house project that we did together during Romy's nap time. We spent Monday & Tuesday on the project and this morning we brought it inside. I haven't stopped drooling over it all day, and now I can't wait to take on our dining room set project. 


  1. I wish Ben was game enough to let me paint our furniture a pretty colour like that.. it's gorgeous! xx

    1. Thanks Felicity! Once I suggested it to Luke there was no going back and he was on my case about doing it! xx


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