Wednesday, January 1, 2014

*New Feature* My Happy List / Picnics

After reading The Happiness Project, I started to think about all of the simple things that made me happy and how I sometimes take those things for granted. It also made me realise how caught up in my own stuff I can get, and how that doesn't always create a positive effect or atmosphere considering a lot of the little things that do make me really happy involve Luke & Romy. So I wanted to make sure I did something every week off my happy list so I take the time to appreciate all of the simpler pleasures, and share the types of things every week that make me happy!

Picnics are one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon, and last New Years Day Luke & I decided that we would start a New Years Day picnic tradition for our little family. And this time around it was much more enjoyable because Romy got to join in with us! Luke made some sandwiches to go with our ciders, and Romy had fresh mango - which is her new favourite thing!


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend New Years Day. :)


  2. This is a lovely idea! I've been meaning to read that book for ages now- will have to seek it out :)
    (also, Rekorderlig....soooo good ;))


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