Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monthly Links

At the end of last year I finished up start your week off with.., a long running feature on TLL, so I could start a different kind of linking post in the new year. I will be sharing some links that I have enjoyed throughout the month that I hope you will enjoy too. I really enjoy these types of posts and I love sharing other sites, and especially other blogs. I have found so many of my favourite blogs through linking posts, so I hope you find that special something in one of my monthly links!
Your baby is not like other babies, and other true things about the first year of parenthood

Can't find the perfect notebook you had in mind? Just make it instead!

This real dirty thirty list that will make you think twice about your next beauty product purchases.

If you're looking for an array of money saving solutions check out these 97 Easy Ways To Save Money

A picture of a picture, from the past, in the present

Lately I've been making more of an effort to resist buying unnecessary items as Luke & I are starting to save more seriously for a new car, and this post provided a lot of extra motivation. 

Now that I am making traditions of my own with my little family, I like to see what other families come together for. I especially enjoyed this sweet family tradition.

Today is for pancakes, writing letters and cozy sweaters

Even world famous rappers have problems

I've really been enjoying Kaelah's new blog direction with The Clueless Girl's Guide, especially this post.

Over the past couple of months I have been re-watching old school Beverly Hills: 90210 and Dylan McKay and his dry, woe-is-me humour gets me every time!

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