Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pizza Sunday

Vegetable Tandoori
This weeks pizza was a little last minute, and it was almost 9pm when we sat down to eat dinner so I only took a couple of really quick photos. Luke & I have made this pizza a few times and find its the best 'throw together' topping as you can basically use any vegetable you have. This week we used steamed zucchini & broccoli, capsicum, mushroom, shallots & cheese on a tandoori sauce base. Alternatively you can use a naan bread as the pizza base, which we have done in the past due to a pizza base shortage at the shops. 
It also tastes good with a Pimm's!


  1. that looks amazing!

  2. That is really the best thing about pizza is that you can truly throw anything on it and it is still good. It is hard to screw up a pizza. But I have never tried tandoori sauce, sounds tasty!


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