Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello March

This year seems to be going along quite smoothly at a nice pace. I always find the first couple of months blend into one another and feel like one long month, and when April comes the year really starts as plans for the following months are made. This month our current lease ends, so our main focus right now is to find a new rental & relocate to Newcastle. We spent most of last month looking for houses and made more than a couple of trips to Newcastle for viewings with no luck, so March, I hope you brought us some good luck in the house department! This month we will also be saying goodbye to one of our dear friends Sarah as she has bought herself a one way ticket to Europe. Almost everybody that I know is in the process of a great transition in their lives, and it is almost hard to not feel the change in the air. 

One of my goals for this year was to work on my blog and already this year I have started new features, posted more regularly and varied my content. In the past I've only ever ran one consistent weekly feature, and this year I took on a couple of  extra weekly posts. And while I have enjoyed writing them each week, I found that it may not be the best method for me. I would like to work on posting more varied blog posts during March, so I will be making my weekly 'My Happy List' a monthly feature to make room for new content and not limit myself with a strict weekly routine. My Saturday 'Pin Of The Week' posts will also be revamped, and I am excited the most about about sharing my new style posts. I'm looking forward to trying out new things for this space this month and all the other changes that will be going on in-between! Now, go put on David Bowie's "Changes" & enjoy your day!

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  1. I hope you find the perfect house in Newcastle hun! Loving all of the new features on your blog at the moment. You've inspired me to try a little harder with my own blog. :)



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