Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Reading:  I just finished 'Nancy Drew: The Secret Of The Old Clock', the first edition in the Nancy Drew series. I love this kind of mystery that is easy to digest and reads like an episode of a tv series. It has been quite some time since I really got into reading because I am either so tired I can barely stay awake, or the second I get settled and lost in the storyline Romy calls out. I read Nancy Drew on my Kindle and found it much easier to read than printed word because I'm not constantly focusing on how many pages I've read, or have to go. And I can chuck my Kindle in my bag and read a couple of pages on the go without the hassle of an actual book. Don't get me wrong, I love books and would prefer to read them, but the Kindle is just far more convenient - I don't even have to leave my bed to buy a book!

Watching: 'Boardwalk Empire'. Oh my goodness! I've had the first season on my computer for quite some time and only last week did Luke & I give it a go, and I'm so glad we did. It was odd at first to see Steve Buscemi in a tv series, but I can't imagine anyone else playing his role. So much happens in a short space of time in this show, I think I'm going to have to re-watch all the episodes I've seen just so it can sink in a little more because I do have the tendency to fall asleep whenever we watch a movie or a box set, and I always miss important bits & Luke can't quite convey just how dramatic a scene can when he recounts the episode.

Listening to: A lot of No Doubt. Luke & I were talking recently about what bands we've always liked and No Doubt is definitely one of mine. When 'Sunday Morning' & 'Don't Speak' hit the charts I'm pretty sure I was in second grade, and I LOVED them! Over a decade later and I still can't get sick of them.

Thinking about: So many things! Future blog posts, moving, packing, de-cluttering, baby birthday parties, what book should I read next, illustrations, Newcastle, home projects etc etc

Working on: This month I cleared my illustration list and I now have a clean slate to start on some new fun things. On top of my new list was Romy's birthday party invitations, I had a lot of fun playing around with different ideas for them. They don't really look like invitations for a one year olds birthday party, but she isn't quite old enough to boss me around with those kinds of things yet! And I'm also working on a little zine style comic for my friend Elle.

Loving: Salted caramel Tim Tams. I think these are limited edition which is a shame because they are so tasty! Luke & I have not been buying sweet treats for a few weeks but we made an exception for these when we saw them at the shops. They're especially tasty with a coffee.

Planning: Our move to Newcastle, which is happening very soon! I even made a dorky moving schedule as there are lots of things to coordinate so everything runs smoothly. Luke & I have moved once a year for the past 6 years, but this move is going to be a little more difficult with a baby to factor in. But I am actually excited about the packing process, it will give me a really good chance to de-clutter so we aren't taking anything we don't need to clutter up our new place.

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