Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daily Adventures / Park Life

Yesterday afternoon we took Romy to the park after her midday nap. We packed her some snacks and it wasn't until we got halfway to the park that we realised that we didn't pack ourselves anything (or even had lunch), so we made a quick detour to the nearest takeaway store and picked up some hot chips, gravy and ginger beer. It was such a lovely, sunny day to be outside. One thing I have noticed since having a baby of my own is that kids love other kids! Every small child that either walked or rode their bike past us couldn't stop looking at Romy and telling their parents to ''look at the little bubba" and some even asked if they could say hello to her, it was so sweet and nice. Romy had a little swing on the park swing set, although she wasn't as keen on it as the one at my parents house, but she still enjoyed it. Hopefully we can sneak in a few more park dates before this lovely weather wraps up.

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