Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pizza Sunday

Pumpkin + garlic puree, roasted balsamic tomatoes & silver beet 
This week's pizza topping was a last minute slap together with whatever we had in the fridge left over from the week. One of Luke's favourite things to have on a pizza is pumpkin puree, which I am not really that fond of, but the last couple of Sunday's have been my ideas so I let my pumpkin puree guard down and gave it a go. And it was actually a lot nicer than I remembered, especially with the fresh garlic through it.
I got distracted putting Romy to bed, tidying up & watching a special on tv that I completely forgot to take photos of our pizza and it still didn't cross my mind until Luke pulled the pizza out of the oven. But lucky for me Luke has been paying attention for all these weeks and took some quick photos for me!

Our pizza stayed in the oven about 30 seconds (our oven seriously cooks a pizza in 5 minutes for realz, its ridiculous) too long, and it was a bit burnt but it still tasted amazing. I will definitely be more opened to a pumpkin puree base for next time!

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  1. Aww! How nice of Luke to stop and take photos for you. :P I rushed to the oven when our timer went off last night but Ben beat me to it and was already slicing the pizza in half whilst saying "instagram called, it wants you to stop posting pizza photos".. lol!

    I must say though, I do love pumpkin puree (pumpkin anything really). Next week I'm going to use potatoes and chorizo but haven't decided what else.. any ideas? :)



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