Friday, March 21, 2014

The Olden Days In Colour

I recently came across this link with colorised photographs from the 18-1900's. Not only are these photographs beautiful in their original state, but with a splash of colour they are totally transformed into something else. When I look at older photographs in my grandmothers photo albums its hard to imagine how things really were with the absence of colour, and they simply become 'the olden days' to me. I imagine that everything back then was matte & dull with that dusty feeling. But then you see some of the dresses from that era and they are beautiful, loud & vibrant. 
It's amazing to see what a little bit of colour can do, it makes the past actually seem relatable and not something you once saw in an encyclopaedia. 
I was only thinking a couple of weeks ago what our grandchildren are going to think when they look at our photographs from today. Will this period of time have its own look the way my mothers photographs did from the early nineties? Or my grandmothers from the thirties? Will it be known for its selfies and left to the centre positioning? It will definitely be interesting to hear Romy's take on my photographs.

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