Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You're Wrong Nick Cave

People are good. And last week I was reminded of just how kind people can be when I received a completely out of the blue honest gesture via the post from a friend of the past. A couple of years ago when Luke & I lived behind Darby Street in Newcastle we befriended this incredibly sweet lady that owned a kitschy boutique that we bought things regularly from. And she also sold some of my felt brooches that I used to make while I was studying.
When we moved to the Central Coast her boutique closed down and we fell out of contact with her. That was a good three years ago, and I had completely forgotten about my brooches and their whereabouts and it wasn't until I received them in the mail that I remembered I had even made them!
In the package was the last of the felt brooches that weren't sold, and the money for the brooches she had sold. I was completely blown away at how lovely and kind it was to have my things sent back to me after all these years. I'm sure most other people would be so preoccupied with all the loose ends to tie up when closing a business that some of the smaller things would just have to slide. So now I have an extra $60 to contribute to my dress fund!

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