Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Sleep, More Music, More Tea

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Last week I mentioned how I've been trying different methods of getting things done, and how I crossed a couple of 'big' things off of my list. It has been such a relief to get those tasks that really add an unnecessary weight on your mind, crossed off and no longer yours to worry about. I keep track of most of the ideas and projects I really want to work on, but feel like I can't start until I've got some of my creative mental clutter dealt with and out of the way. Yesterday I put a couple of illustration in the post that I have been wanting to complete and send for quite some time, and it felt so good to see them go into the post box. I have one last creative project to work on that I promised to a friend a while ago that has been on my mind and then I'll have a clean slate to start new projects for myself. I cannot wait, I have so many ideas & projects that I want to work - opening an Etsy store being my main focus. But before I throw myself into that project I need to do more of the above.

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