Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 5 / Favourite Albums

I don't usually post a lot about the types of music or movies I'm into, 
so I thought I would share my top five favourite albums. Although I have a lot more than five, I picked these five because I never get sick of them.
The National / High Violet  About six years ago I crossed paths with someone I met at a gig who was really into The National and got me into them. I was instantly drawn into their confident mix of moody lyrics and music you could only sway to drunkenly. Their first two albums I listened to on high rotation  for most of 2009. By the time High Violet was released, Luke was on board with The National and liked HV instantly, while I didn't love it straight away. In fact, it took me a good two years to come around to it and now it is one of my favourite albums of all time. If only it could be re-released with 'Karen' & 'Apartment Story' and I would be all set!

She & Him / Vol. Two  A long time ago an internet buddy emailed me this album and it sat in my iTunes for a good 12 months before I listened to it properly. Occasionally it would catch my attention while I was working on my computer and each time I started to like it more and more and would find a couple of the tracks stuck in my head for days at a time. I was completely oblivious to the fact it was Zooey Deschanel's folky howl I couldn't stop listening to. If I ever make mixed cds I always find a space for one of Vol. Two's gems. This album has back to back friendly songs that are hard to tire of. 

Hole / Live Through This  I bought this album when I was 14 and ten years later it is still one of my favourite albums. When I first started listening to bands like Hole and Bikini Kill, they had an energetic burst of sass mouth that I really liked as a teenage girl. When I listen to this album now it reminds me of one of my best friends who I met through our shared love of 90's girl grunge bands. 

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan / Ballad Of The Broken Seas  This album was released right around the time that I first started listening to Belle & Sebastian. I was familiar with Mark Lanegan, but was never too particularly interested in his music. I bought the cd regardless and instantly fell in love with every track. It is a great album to have on in the background of an evening of dinner and drinks. I personally feel the songs on BOTBS are some of Isobel Campbell's better songs, and this is their best collaborative album together.

Cut Copy / In Ghost Colours This album reminds me of my first year living in Newcastle, and having pre-drinks in my bedroom with my friend Ali before going out. Whenever we were out and about driving 'So Haunted' & 'Lights & Music' would always be on JJJ & we used to sing it really loud in an exaggerated lonely boy scenester voice. If I am struggling to find motivation to clean the house or start an illustration, I always put this album on to get things done!

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