Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Long Black For The Night Owl

For as long as I can remember I have been able to drink late afternoon lattes and can still call it a night quite early. The only good a late night coffee would do me was having to get up and actually make it myself. However the past couple of days that I have had evening coffees (I know, coffee at night is bad but this broken sleep business is tough!) I've been rushing around once Luke & Romy have turned in for the night and have been getting a lot of things done. Last night I did some late night rearranging around the nest, started reading a book, tidied the house, blogged, read up on a couple of things, worked on an illustration and had absolutely everything sorted for our morning routine. By the time I got into bed I was beat, but I used my evening wisely and I fell asleep pretty impressed with my productive evening. I didn't have the guilts about not getting everything done before the day is over. And because I crossed a couple of extra things off of my weekly to-do-list, I was able to have a super relaxed day with Romy today. 

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