Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just The Three Of Us

Luke's 'weekend' is Monday & Tuesday, so for those days we usually spend one of them at home and the other out and about. On Monday we visited my Aunty at her holiday house she has on the coast and we all had some tasty Thai for lunch. And today we stayed at home, just the three of us. After Romy's early morning milk shake, I put her back to bed and quietly had a shower and got ready for the day without waking either of my sleeping bears. I did a quick tidy up, some laundry, set Romy's bath up and went to the shops to pick up some breakfast supplies. By the time I hung out some washing and bathed Romy our breakfast became a brunch that we were able to enjoy while Romy was busy playing and practicing her rolling techniques. After brunch Romy had her first solid, which I will blog here during the week. We blew bubbles together after our nap and Luke made a fresh batch of ice tea in the afternoon. It was really nice all being together at home without any distractions. 

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