Friday, September 20, 2013


Reading: Frankie magazine back issues. I have about five years worth of issues that I've been working my way through again. Which is slowly turning into a good mistake as I've now added a bunch of new things to my to-do-list. Flicking through the issues from the time I was studying design has reminded me of that period I lived in Newcastle and has given me a burst of illustrative inspiration. 

Watching: Pretty Little Liars. Last week I bought the season three box set and re-watched it. The first time I watched season three was during my c-sec recovery weeks, so I was quite distracted. After watching it for a second time, I found that I missed out on a lot of little details. Straight after I finished the dvds, I watched the first fourteen episodes of the fourth season online and oh my good gosh! 

Listening to: Empire Of The Sun's second album "Ice On The Dune". I wasn't sure their follow up album would be as good as their first, but it is definitely on par. I find Luke Steel to be incredibly creative and intriguing and am always excited by his work. I really hope all the talk of a collaboration with Daniel Johns will come to fruition. 

Thinking about: whether we will re-new our lease when it runs outs early next year. Our neighbours are a bunch of nosey parkers, and it is getting a little too full on. Like spying on us kind of full on. I'll tell you all about it one of these days. 

Working on: a chilli paste jar label. My fancy friend asked me to play around and see what I could come up with for her Dad's chilli paste label to replace the old design. I'm not sure if any of the designs I've come up with will be the finished one, but it sure has been fun playing around with fonts and drawing again. 

Loving: this London based illustrator. I've casually followed her flickr and blog for a while now, check her out she's pretty cute. She also makes some pretty neat wardrobe choices.

Anticipating: tomorrow evening. Luke & I are going out to see our friends band play. It is the first time we've gone out to see live music together in a year, and will be the second night we've had away from Romy. The few times we've been away from Romy either my mum or sister have watched her, but tomorrow one of our friends will be watching her. It's a funny thing to think about, us having to rush home to relieve the babysitter of her duties! 

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