Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Solid Effort

On Tuesday Romy had her first round of solids. I've been really nervous about this new stage because once you start, its full steam ahead. We made up a tiny amount of rice cereal, and she wasn't too keen on it. Whether it was because I made it too thick or because it wasn't a milkshake meal, either way the whole experience was a tad overwhelming for the little bear. The spoon was confusing and she was unsure about what to do first time around. On Wednesday I made the rice cereal again, only a lot thinner and Romy still wasn't too impressed. So today rather than go for third time lucky, I mashed up a teeny bit of avocado and it was much more successful! I distracted Romy with her little stuffed green haired friend so she wasn't focusing too hard on the spoon, and found this to be helpful in getting the spoon in her mouth with ease. By the third or so mouthful, the spoon fed concept was starting to get a little easier for her and she started to really enjoy it. My sister called while I was feeding her and suggested I put a little bit of avocado on my finger and feed it to her that way and this worked a treat also. The time for solids came around so quickly I have hardly had much time to really prepare for it. When older parents tell you to enjoy every single minute because they grow up so quickly, they certainly were not lying!

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