Monday, September 2, 2013

My Monthly Agenda / September

Now that the colder months of the year are 'officially' over, its time to explore all of the different kinds of cold dishes and interesting salads. Yesterday while we were doing the groceries I spotted kale leaves for salad mixes, and I've never seen them before. The kale craze has really only recently started up over here, and I wouldn't be as familiar with it if I didn't read a lot of international blogs. So I'm looking forward to putting some kale leaves in my lunch salads this week. I'm also really looking forward to trying this quinoa & watermelon salad, it looks and sounds so fresh and tasty and will be perfect for summer dinners! It is becoming more and more common to mix up sweet fruits in savoury dishes, and the times Luke & I have done so we've enjoyed it. Luke was especially interested when I showed him this recipe that 'the chronicles of home' shared last month. 

When I was a teenager Friday afternoons could not come fast enough for a couple of reasons, the most obvious being the start of the weekend. But most importantly it was when the 'Rage' playlist was posted on the JJJ website as it was the main source of new music. I grew up in a small country town and the local cd store basically only stocked top 40, and could rarely order indie bands. For example, when I first got into Hole it was impossible to order in 'pretty on the inside' and bands similar. So watching Rage was a big, exciting deal! Since moving towns and being exposed to different avenues of pop culture, I rarely made the effort to watch it. However, a couple of Saturdays ago Luke & I found ourselves watching Rage and 'the jungle giants' music clip came on and reminded how fantastic they are! Luke & I saw them when they supported Boy & Bear last year and I really liked they sound, but just forgot to look into them more. So they are going to the sounds of September in my house!

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