Friday, September 6, 2013

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Have you met Leah?
What lovely things have you crossed off of your 2013 to-do-list?
The biggest thing I've crossed off this year has to be getting married : ) Not that it was necessarily "on the list" for this year before he asked me, but, now that I've planned one, I'd say putting on a celebration of that size in 8 months is quite the accomplishment : ) You can see more about my wedding here.

Describe your style
I would say that my style is pretty eclectic. I like a bohemian feel sometimes, grunge some days, and the occasional uber feminine ensemble makes its way out of my closet. One thing I pretty much always do, however, is mix and match. For example, if I've got a flowy, feminine top on, I'll try to edge-it-up with a more masculine feel on the bottom half. I find that keeps things interesting and balanced. You can see my outfits here

What would your menu be for a dinner party that you're hosting?
I'm a vegetarian, but my husband is not, so we don't usually cook meat at home (he gets it when we go out). However, we do have a couple of vegetarian specialties we make that tend to impress ; ). The main course would probably be our potato tacos, with our homemade guacamole and blue corn chips. We also have a special seasoning process we use to grill our corn on the cob, which is also quite good. 
Another thing we love doing is making drinks for people...and the way this dinner is going, I think margaritas would be in order. Matt, (husband) makes a mean one. We like to keep things lively and casual when we have people over, so I think this meal would be the spark to a great atmosphere.

If you were a cat who would you follow all day in the hope that they would look after you? 
If I were a cat, I'd probably try to find the nearest "cat lady" and stick by her. She's sure to take care of me, yeah?

Your perfect day would be...
Being as Matt and I just moved 13 hours away from virtually all of our family/friends, I'd say my perfect day right now would be hanging with my ladies, doing a little shopping (it's been so long for me!), grabbing a bite to eat (& drinks) and catching up. Nothing super crazy, but I miss my girls.
Also, I'd love to get a hot air balloon ride in there somewhere : ) 

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  1. I love Leah! Her answers were so fun to read, and she's got the right idea with that cat lady business! :)

  2. Love this interview! And so happy to see the mention of Leah's wedding as I somehow totally missed that - GORGEOUS!


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