Monday, September 23, 2013

Daily Adventures / A lunch date + nesting

Luke, Romy & I had the loveliest day all together. We slept until 9am, got ready for the day at our own pace, played with Romy while we got the pram ready to go for a walk and have a little lunch date. It was a nice, sunny day outside and we were able to sit outside in the lovely sunshine to have our coffees and lunch. Romy was particularly taken back by all the cars driving past the cafe, and would roar out to people walking by. She is just so sweet. After lunch we strolled home and got stuck into one of our nest projects we planned at the start of the year - fixing and painting our antique tea cart. We picked this up when we were living in Newcastle next to some very generous neighbours who liked to give away all kinds of great things. Luke locked himself out of our house one time and had to climb through the window and he landed on the tea cart and broke the top shelf. I was so annoyed that it was broken I wanted to throw it out, but we ended up keeping it and put it on our project nest agenda. We finally had the motivation and time to do it today and I am so glad we did! We had a great afternoon sanding it back and painting it outside with some cheeky drinks. Romy wasn't too keen on helping and decided to have an all afternoon nap instead. 

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