Monday, September 9, 2013

How was your week?

This week Romy wore her first t-shirt now that the days are a little hotter, and she rolled for the first time! I packed away a lot of her clothes that no longer fit and have started to put some '00' sized pieces in her clothing rotation. She also sat in her first car seat now that she has outgrown the capsule carrier. A lot is happening on the Romy front lately, so this week I've been preoccupied spending all my free time with her enjoying all these changes. And when Romy goes to bed in the evenings, I've been re-watching season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. It is so bad in all the right ways!

On Tuesday evening we had dinner at a friends house and Romy was the perfect little bear. She slept the whole car drive there and back, and only woke to have her dinner milk shake half an hour before we left. We have had a couple of bad nights during the week because of her teething, but in general this week has been great! Romy & I had a coffee date with our friends Renee & her baby boy Oscar, I stocked up Romy's spring wardrobe, my sister & brother-in-law visited on Saturday and we got a lot of little things done throughout the week. Luke & I are spending our Sunday evening with home made cheese burger pizza, grown up ginger beer & Napoleon Dynamite. Was your week lovely too?

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