Friday, September 27, 2013

Fancy Folk / Paper Umbrella

Have you met Ella?
What lovely things have you crossed off of your 2013 to-do-list?
So far, 2013 has been a crazy year of changes and adventures for me. Right before the year started I graduated from college and started my real adult life (if you can call it that...!) - I've had my first real adult job, co-founded a company in an area I never thought I'd be interested in, left my first adult job, and made big decisions about where I'm going next.  But, I'd say the best thing I crossed off my list this year was traveling around Europe with my boyfriend. It was perfect and now we dream about moving into a tiny apartment in Paris :) Oh, and I finally got around to doing the blog redesign I've been putting off for ages!

Describe your style
My style can be a bit all over the place...I'm still trying to figure it out! During the Summer I can usually be found in a girly dress or skirt with my hair pinned back by a homemade bow. In the Winter my uniform is a comfy knit sweater, jeans and ankle boots. I used to wear mostly black, white, grey and brown, but lately I've been loving wearing neutral outfits with pops of color. I always say that if I could have one store be my closet it would be Urban Outfitters...a girl can dream, right?

What would your menu be for a dinner party that you're hosting?
I think it would be super fun to host an Indian feast where everyone cooks together. To start, we would make some vegetable pakora and drinks to snack on while we cook. It would be fun to come up with a cocktail based on a mango lassi or other flavors commonly found in Indian food. Then, we would make my favorite chickpea and spinach curry and butter chicken curry with rice and fresh roti. For desert we would have a yummy fruit salad.

If you were a cat who would you follow all day in the hope that they would look after you?
It would be fun to sneak around, meeting lots of people and peeking into their lives. But, honestly, at the end of the day I would probably end up back at home. My housemate, Sydney, desperately wants a cat and would give me endless treats and attention.

Your perfect day would be...
My perfect day starts with waking up early on a warm Summer day. My boyfriend and I would walk to our favorite tea shop down the street, grab some bubble tea, and then maybe go sit in the park and do a little reading/writing.  Then we would go into town to do some exploring, and of course stop at food carts for lunch. After exploring we would go to my favorite happy hour and spend the rest of the night laughing with all of my closest friends (who all magically came for a visit at the same time from all over the country/world).

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she has some really cute DIY's

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