Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When Romy Met Elsie

On our little road trip back to Gunnedah, a small country town where both Luke & I grew up, I caught up with my old friend Kristal. We were close friends throughout high school but lost touch with one another after my family moved and we made our post-high school changes. We hadn't seen one another in about seven years, and started talking when we both found out we were pregnant at the same time. We discovered we were both expecting little girls. On the same date. With the same first name. And middle name. During our formative high school years we always liked the same things, and would often show up to each others houses wearing the same t-shirt unintentionally. So I guess it really isn't that strange we would pick the same baby name! Kristal sharing her baby name was one of the deciding factors for Luke & I when we were tossing up between Romy & Elsie. 

It was really nice meeting up with Kristal after such a long time, and it was especially nice that our daughters got to meet one another. When people meet Romy for the first time we tend to get 'oh, she's so tiny' a lot, but next to Elsie she looked like a giant! From the beginning of our pregnancies we were given the same due date, but I had Romy early, and Kristal had Elsie late. Elsie is such a little sweetheart, she was a bit unsettled during our visit and when she would cry Romy felt like she needed to also. Romy had had her little tantrum for the day just before I left the house, so she was handing out little cute half hearted sobs. It's been such a turn around for me to go from not having anything to do with babies, to talking about them most of the time and connecting with people over them. It was really nice catching up with Kristal and meeting her daughter and seeing how we have both changed so much since the last time we saw each other. I really didn't think that the next time we met up again we would both have daughters!

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  1. That's very cute !
    Amazing to link back up with an old friend and you both have a daughter in common.

    I follow you! Cute blog.



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