Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Recap

July has been such a blast so far, just as I thought it would be. After our trip last week, Luke & I wanted to come home and make a start on our to-do list. One thing we absolutely need to do is sell our old car. Earlier this year we decided to buy a new car, and as soon as we started talking about it, the exact one we wanted fell into our laps. We snapped it up before we could sell the car we had, and we drove it to my parents house to keep it there, and it has been there ever since. So we went over to my parents house Monday & gave it a good clean & took some pictures so we could list it on some car sales sights. First thing crossed off our list, and a great start to our week. Luke also had Tuesday off and  after a trip to Bunnings we rented a bunch of movies & stayed home for a quiet afternoon, it was really nice. We started to talk about working on our back court yard and making it a cute space so we can enjoy it when the weather starts to warm up. Bunnings had quite the selection of scary garden owls!

I made a mid-week trip to Newcastle to visit my friend Ali, who is expecting a little boy in a couple of weeks, to give her a baby present. She made lovely cucumber sandwiches and we had a cute little tea party and talked about baby stuff. I am really excited to have a close friend to talk to about all the boring baby stuff, especially one around the same age as me. Ali & I have been friends for a quite a few years now, so its even more exciting that we get to be mothers at the same time and our babies can play together. On my way home I called in quickly to see my sister Ashleigh so she could get in a quick Romy Bear hug. After a busy couple of days Romy & I decided to have a lazy day on Thursday. I tidied the house and got all my jobs done for the day and watched box sets with cinnamon donuts and coffee. Friday was much the same, only the afternoon was spent with afternoon visitors. I'm new to this whole 'saturday morning' thing because for the past couple of years I've always worked on the weekends. My Mum came over Saturday morning for morning tea and coffee, and I got a quick fringe trim - one of the benefits of having a Mother whom used to be a hurr dresser! My week finished off like most weeks, home made pizza and a few sneaky drinks with Luke!

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