Friday, July 26, 2013

Fancy Folk / Time After Tea

This weeks FF is Megan who writes a lovely life and style blog, Time After Tea.
Have you crossed anything off your 2013 to-do list or fulfilled any of your new years resolutions?

Such a good question! I have actually crossed off a really big goal from my list and that was buying my first home! We have been in for a little over a month now and we really love having our own space.
Describe your style.
Eclectic is probably most fitting – it changes from day to day depending on what mood I am in. It might be bright bold colours or more classic monochromes, floaty boho or silhouette enhancing outfits – I try not to prescribe to one particular look.
Is there one thing you have bought that you think might turn into a family heirloom?
The things I really treasure from my mum and grandma is jewellery. It’s such an easy thing to slip on and remind myself of them and also adds a personal element to an outfit. I hope that one day my Tiffany’s bracelet that Brendan bought me for my 21st birthday will be a treasured heirloom by one of our children or great grandchildren – not just because I love the design but because it has a great story attached to it.
What is one of your favourite combinations? (food, colours, fashion, etc)
When it comes to fashion I love bright bold colours combined together, I think colour blocking and mixing clashing colours is really fun and stands out – I like loud clothes and a mash of colours is the easiest way to do that. I think Bittersweet Colours and Gary Pepper Girl do it best.
Your perfect day would be...
Any good day for me starts with a sleep in and then out for breakfast with Brendan. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I love it even more when someone else cooks. I would then hope to do something relaxing like a facial or get a massage and then maybe a spot of shopping. I would then want to get dressed up in the evening and go out for dinner and drinks with friends or family.  The most important things in my life are my friends, family and food so it makes sense that my perfect day would revolve around that!

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