Friday, July 5, 2013

Fancy Folk / Stars In Jars

After a little hiatus, Fancy Folk is back! This is a weekly feature that highlights a different blogger each week with a handful of questions. Its a great way to discover new blogs, is Stars In Jars your new favourite?

Do you have any big plans for 2013?
I've only recently returned to my parents home in Ireland after spending three years teaching English to little kiddos in South Korea. My main goal for this year is simple; relax, reconnect with my family, take great big lungfuls of fresh country air and just be.

Describe your style
My style is constantly evolving... I love colour and texture and pattern. I dress for my body shape over what is currently fashionable (a lesson I learn WAY too late!!). Long dresses, maxi skirts, slouchy sweaters and moccasins are the order of the day ^.^

Is there one thing you have bought that you think might turn into a family heirloom?
I bought this beautiful hand-made Indian headdress for my Dad when travelling through Thailand. I'm in love with this piece~ the colours, the feathers and craftsmanship. I hope it's something that we can preserve and keep for my own little squaws one day!

What is one of your favourite combinations?
Avocado, strawberries and dark chocolate with sea salt.

Your perfect day would be...
Sitting Indian-style on the floor, mug of hot tea in one hand and getting crafty with a pen/paintbrush/scissors in the other. Rain pounding the windows, logs on the fire and Dylan spinning on the old Linn player. 

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