Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Reading: My Sister & I have a mutual love for Mindy Kaling and she lent me her book,"Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)". And it is hilarious! I have just a little bit left of this read, but really love what I have read so far. She is a nutty little fancy pants.

Watching: "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" for the first time. Oh man, I don't even know what is happening in that show half the time it is so all over the place in the best kind of way. It is similar in tone to How I Met Your Mother, only with a darker sarcastic approach. Charlie Day is also really kind of cute.

Listening to: Empire Of The Sun's second album, Ice On The Dune. Luke Steel is quite possibly one of my favourite artists  of all time. The first time I ever saw him was when The Sleepy Jackson were supporting Silverchair years ago on their Across The Night tour. Before I saw them, I had heard 'Pack Of Nails' on the radio and I remember thinking how different and kooky he was. And ever since then each of his performances and projects have been crazier than the last. I'm enjoying Ice On The Dune a little more than Walking On A Dream at this point.

Thinking about: how there are getting fewer months towards the end of the year, and how the remaining ones are going to be quite busy. Romy has already grown so much in the past few weeks that I can only imagine how much more she is going to grow and progress. And how much more of my time I will be able to spend enjoying her sweet company.

Working on: starting my own Etsy store. This has been one of the major things I've really been wanting to do on my to-do-list the past couple of years and I finally feel ready to do it! I have been giving it a lot of thought lately and really committed to making that happen. I've got so many exciting ideas, and I can't wait to share more about this new project!

Loving: My new coffee machine! It was on my July wish list, and a couple of days ago Luke & I bought it! I no longer have to factor in leaving the house each morning to get a latte, I can now make it for myself in my pyjamas. 

Anticipating: the safe arrival of my friend Ali's baby boy! I am really excited that Ali & I have gone from being friends in our late teens, to friends as mothers in our mid twenties. Now that I know just how wonderful it is to be a Mum, I get really excited for other parents-to-be and the wonderful journey they are about to start. 


  1. i just started reading mindy's book and i love it! you definitely should start an esty store, such a great idea!

  2. i love my espresso machine too. making my own lattes and iced coffees already saved me a furtune.

  3. Man, I cannot watch It's Always Sunny. It gives me anxiety. They all yell over top of each other and I freak out, lol

    xo Ashley


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