Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Until Our Hearts Get Tired

[Photo source /Typography by me ]
I have mentioned on here before that I have studied graphic design for three years and have a diploma in Graphic Design & Communications. And I get asked a lot why I am not working as a graphic designer, or freelancing, and the answer is quite simple - my heart just isn't in it. When I started studying design I was more interested in interior design, but fell fast in love with graphic design after I used Adobe Illustrator for the first time & started to think up cute illustrations for children's books. During the course of my studies design was one of the only things I had focus for, and cared about. A couple of weeks before I graduated from my course, I started to realise that although it would be amazing to work as an in house graphic designer, it wasn't something I wanted to do. After my studies were done and dusted, Luke & I moved from the city to the coast,  and I packed my computer away for a couple of months to decide what I truly wanted to do. Even though I had spent three years getting a qualification I won't use, it sure has given me a lot of skills that I use on a daily basis. I do the casual wedding invitation, business card, poster jobs, and commissioned portrait illustrations that I often share on my blog. And it is these little design jobs that allow me to put a little bit of myself into them, where I wouldn't be able to working for a company. I have always wanted to make an Etsy store and sell my illustrations, prints and hand-made delights, and after reading about Felicity's career changing story, I felt even more motivated to start from scratch and do what would make my heart happy. I have spent a lot of time planning my new venture and in the coming months I will have more to share about my exciting new side project. It really is never too late to change your mind and listen to what is in your heart. Especially if you believe you can do it.


  1. That's so exciting! I would absolutely buy prints and hand made things from you if you did open an etsy store! Plus being from Aussie is a bonus ;) You and Felicity are both spot on - you absolutely need to listen to what your heart is saying!

  2. Oh, I wish you all the best for this Lauren! I hope that your new business pursuits are an amazing adventure for you.
    (we went to St Marys together, I cant remember how I stumbled across you blog, but have been following for a little while. love your work)

  3. I have no doubt in the world that you will succeed. I love your stuff xx

  4. Oh god, I just starting crying. Happy crying. I doubt my decision everyday, but knowing that I've inspired someone as awesome as you is SO motivating. You will totally rock this etsy shop! :D I will be emailing you later today about something awesome. xx


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