Thursday, July 4, 2013

A New Direction: A Blog Post About Blog Posts

Towards the end of my pregnancy I started to think about what direction I wanted my blog to take after becoming a mother. I don't feel like motherhood solely defines me, and as everything is still so new and surreal, at this point I wouldn't feel comfortable primarily writing baby posts. There are a couple of mother-type blogs that I love to read and have picked up some really helpful bits of advice from, but I also like to read lifestyle blogs with cocktail recipes, outfit posts and bloggy-type photography (you know the kind!). Don't get me wrong, I will be trying my best to not post fifty photos a week of my beautiful daughter (for those follow me on instagram), so there still will be a generous amount of Romy Bear love here!

So last week while Romy was having an uncharacteristically long cat nap, I took the time to sit down with my thoughts about what I really wanted to put into my blog from this point onwards. I've been blogging at this space for almost two years now and even though I have shared my daily adventures that show little bits and pieces of what I like and how I spend my days, I don't really personalise my posts. I have a habit of spending too much time with an idea that the opportunity to pursue it passes. And this has especially been the case with posts for this blog. So I drew up a calendar and filled almost every day with a blog post and ideas for future features. After two years I finally have decided to go down the planned post route, and as a result I'm feeling really positive about my online adventures. And it has put me into a more organised headspace offline too. Luke & I have started to implement a routine for Romy now that she is more responsive, and I've been thinking more about how I can make better use of my time.

For now my 'Start Your Week Off With' feature will still be every Monday, and my 'Fancy Folk' feature will be up again as of this Friday. You can now expect some more lists, illustrations, daily adventures, personal updates and my journey into being a first time mum. Oh, and some consistency! And tomorrow my new blog design will hopefully be installed to keep up with the spirit of change.


  1. Planned blog posts are so helpful for me! I hope they work just as well for you. :)


  2. That sounds like a great plan! Planning ahead will take any pressure off. It's good to have some posts scheduled or ideas as a back up!

  3. Oh Lauren, congratulations, she is just perfect. And I wish I could plan! I'm excited for your new routine <3


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