Friday, July 19, 2013

Fancy Folk / The Life Of A Cupcake

I'm really excited to share this week's Fancy Folk feature because Jules,
the jubilant voice of The Life Of A Cupcake is just a delight to read.
If you like to see the glass as half full, then Jules is your girl!
Have you crossed anything off your 2013 to-do list or fulfilled any of your new years resolutions?
Yes! So far I have been doing pretty good at getting things done in 2013 :) I really wanted to focus on my creative side and taking more time to make things and do some crafting. I am really excited because I have a new adventure coming up soon! I am going to start freelance crafting for parties, weddings, showers etc! It will take some time to get everything up and going, but the thought of this happening excites and inspires me very much! And some of the little things I have done - buy more fresh flowers, compliment strangers more, drink more water, shop at local markets more often, take more DSLR photos. I make a lot of goals/to-do-lists, here is my 2013 goal list!

Describe your style
I love wearing dresses. No really, like I don't wear pants. Ever. I own over 200 dresses and I wear them all year long! My go-to style is polka dots and lots of colour! I often rock headbands and accessories and I always ALWAYS have red lips! I change things up from time to time, but I think it's mostly pretty cutesy and girly. Some days I go with more of a hippy/bohemian vibe but no matter what I wearing it's always got a bit of pizzaz. If I am wearing something that I feel is a bit dull or lacking colour, I always add a headband, a flower pinned to my shirt, a big colourful necklace or something!

Is there one thing you have bought that think might turn into a family heirloom?
I can't think of one specific thing. I am a total knick knack queen though! I love cute, little fun things around my place (it drives my bf crazy! haha!) I think the closest thing I have would be all the things from my travels. I am quite the traveller and have been to a lot of different places over the years. I always get something fun and sweet to remind me of the place I visited. These are little things that I feel I would never want to throw away because they hold so many memories!

What is one of your favourite combinations? (food, colours, fashion etc)
Mint green and red! Whaaat? These two colours together are magic. I love pastel colours with a really bright bold colour! Also avocado and cucumber, because YUM. And polka dots and bows because well....come on! CUTE! :)

Your perfect day would be...
Wake up to a vase full of fresh flowers, enjoy a delicious latte on my balcony, while reading a wonderful book. Bacon and eggs for breaky! Go of a walk around the city with my camera, go to Kensington market to go shopping! Come home, make some pretty things while listening to The Beatles, go out to an awesome restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine on the patio. Come home and get on my favourite dress (that I just bought!), have my be sties over for drinks (I looove being a hostess!), and then go out dancing to oldies! Finish the night off with snuggles from my babe!

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