Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pin Of The Week

Luke & I decided a couple of weeks ago that we wanted to buy a new bookcase to replace our current one. I've had a couple of different styles in mind, but can't seem to settle on one. I think I'll know the perfect one when I see it in person. While looking on Pinterest for book shelf ideas, I got stuck on under-the-stair-case book shelves. I've been really infatuated with them now that I live in a house with a very stair case of my own. Only under ours we have plans for our vintage tea cart to become our record player station, not a home for our books.


  1. That looks awesome!!!

  2. We have a staircase in our house that could easily pull this off but sadly it's rented and I don't think the landlord would be too happy. I would LOVE to though =)


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