Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Sponsor / So, Hi

Rach, who blogs over at So, Hi is such a high school sweet heart. She really, really is! Her blog is light hearted and a down right delight! Visit her and say hi!
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My blog is pretty much everything going on in my brain. I love beauty, so you see a lot of that. I love life, you see a lot of that as well, and I love love. Guess what. You see that too. ;)

I started blogging back around this time last year. I started because I had so many idea's in my head and I was bored at school. Then I found out that it was something that I love doing, and it blossomed. :)

It is for those of you that love beauty, DIYs, and random fashion tips and tricks. :)
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Go check her out, and while you're there get a secret off your chest in her Saturday Secret's feature.

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