Monday, October 31, 2011

October Sponsor / Only A Flight Away

Last but definitely not least because she is all kinds of amazing, Melina who blogs over at Only A Flight Away. After following more than thirty blogs, she decided to start her own in July this year as a place of her own to put down her thoughts, stories & memories. Her adventures always look like fun nights out, and she always has a lovely thing to say. Stop by and say hi!
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Call me Melina. An Argentinian native living in Los Angeles, California. The girlfriend of an amazing boy called Sebastian. Loving, caring, sweet, honest, funny, and creative. Blow candles on April 20th. Addicted to Oreos. Camara in hand and I'll take a thousand pictures.

Welcome to Only A Flight Away. My little blog about my personal life, my long distance relationship, my friends, my family, and everything that revolves around me. You will find me having a margarita or baking a cake. Decorating the house or exploring new places. In three words my blog is MY ONLINE JOURNAL.

Please sit back, fasten your sit belt, and enjoy the flight. Be part of my journey . You wont regret it.
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She really is an absolute sweet heart! Make sure you visit her blog & leave her some love!

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  1. thank you gorgeous for featuring me ... ill definitely link up tomorrow!




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