Monday, October 10, 2011

Ashleigh Came To Visit

My sister Ashleigh came to visit over the weekend. Her husband went away for the weekend and she ''didn't want to cook dinner'', so she came to visit and have dinner with us on Friday night! Ash, Mum & I went for breakfast at one of my favourite cafes on the Coast, Two Birds Gallery Cafe. It's the daintiest little shop/cafe that sells local hand made jewellery, art, books and an assortment of delicate gift wares. They always have a vase full of fresh local lavender on their tables, which I'm now a fan of since Ashleigh's wedding. She had them for her wedding bouquets. Luke & I have been regular customers the past couple of weeks because they have a killer cappuccino & use bright red tea cups!

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  1. great photos, looks like a great time! :)


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