Thursday, October 20, 2011

Imagine all the necklaces you could wear

While looking for mine & Luke's birth certificates during the week, I found a bunch of exciting things packed up in boxes like horse stencils, animal printed note books, an alligator stapler, notebooks filled with inspiring craft and designs and some design projects from last year. One of my class projects from last year was to deconstruct illustrations and designs from throughout the year and arrange them into a black & white zine that would reflect us as designers. I took a giraffe from a past illustration, and came up with 'imagine all the necklaces you could wear if you were a giraffe', to accompany the giraffe. It was such a delight to see my zine after almost a year, I'd completely forgotten about it. 


  1. how adorable


  2. haha, LOVE this picture! It's totally something I'd actually say out loud to people.. In like an interview or something! CRINGE! x

  3. aw very cute!!

  4. As much as I am sick of moving the best part is reaching into those old boxes and finding things that you almost forgot about :)

    Very cute illustration!

    a cup of subtle tea

  5. that's a cute banner! i never thought about giraffes that way. now if i could find a giraffe ornament, i could display all my necklaces!!!

  6. what a cute idea! I love discovering things I've forgotten all about. Makes me want to dig through my closet.

  7. Haha I love this, it's so cute. How great is it stumbling across old stuff you'd forgotten about? I found all my old high school art projects last years when my parents moved house, it made me wanna whip my sketchbook out again and draw like I used to =)

  8. Hey Lauren! Thanks so much for following my blog! And for all your comments... I'm following back! So watch out and get ready for comment overload! Have a good Thursday girl!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. LOVE LOVE LOVE your header! I'm thinking of doing a blog makeover next week... Good inspiration!

  9. Aw, thanks Janette! You are an absolute babe!


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