Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today Luke & I went to the shops to look for some new things for our move! We are going to get all new things like a bed, bed sides, lounge, coffee table & tv cabinet. I managed to twist Luke's arm on getting a white bed frame. And he hates white furniture, which is makes things harder to compromise because I LOVE white furniture. When we first moved in together a couple of years ago, I bought our kitchen table & it was white, and let him choose our polo cube bookcase in dark wood, which I'm not the biggest fan of. So today at the shops we came to an agreement that I could choose the bed, and he got to choose the rest of the things. I'm all kinds of excited! After the shops, we had a quick coffee and scone date before coming home.

And when we saw the family cat Gill, he begged me to be on my blog, so I caved. Happy Halloween guys!


  1. Oohh choosing new stuff is always so fun! Enjoy!

  2. Moving is so exciting! Especially the buying new furniture part.

    And thx for stopping by my blog ;) I spend 3 months in Australia way back in 2006 and it changed my life.

  3. How exciting, I hope that you find a nice white framed bed :). Your cat is lovely too, I really like ginger cats.


  4. Happy Halloween for yesterday!! Cute cat!!! <3

    I like your blog :)

  5. you sounded really excited about your move. well, it supposed to be fun anyway.

    not in my case though, this whole moving thing to me is so stressful. but we are getting there, just need more patience.

    have a great one! XO

  6. Aww your cat is so cute! we have a stray that pops by every so often and he looks just like that xx


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