Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Rock In My Lentil Burger

This week has been pretty busy, Luke & I are currently looking for a new house so we've been attending house viewings almost every day this week. We've found some really cute places, and some pretty disgusting ones. One of the last places we looked at wasn't an official type viewing, we picked up the keys and went to check it out ourselves. The first thing I thought was to get back in the car and drive in the opposite direction, and I should have. It was quiet big on the inside, but some of the bathroom facilities were equivalent to ones you might find in the jungle. And the neighbours seemed to have a home business of collecting rusty bikes, and attempting to fix them up. There were bikes everywhere! As we were leaving, the upstairs neighbour was watching us and she yelled at us a string of obscenities and warned us to not take the property. As if our minds weren't made up as it was! 

In the midst of our rental endeavors, we tried out the new pancake cafe we drive past most days and say 'oh we need to go there'. So we did. And although the pancakes were nice, their coffee was horrible. Horrible is an understatement considering I'm such a coffee professional now! Luke ordered a breakfast pancake meal with eggs and all things breakfast. And I got bananarama pancakes, which should have been called diabetesrama. It was two pancakes with grilled banana drowned in caramel sauce. So thats another thing crossed off the list! I didn't really take many photos of our adventures this week, just the pancakes and eating vegetarian hot dogs. 

I especially didn't want to take pictures of our awful cafe experience yesterday. Luke's boss mentioned a little while ago that there was a cafe that had really nice lentil burgers that we should try. And we decided to try them out yesterday as Luke started work a little earlier and got to have a decent lunch break. So I actually got to spend a couple of hours with him on a Saturday, which never happens. So I ordered an over priced lentil burger that was not overly impressive to look at. And not to eat either. The third bite contained a rock in the lentil patty! I had a rock in my mouth! It was absolutely disgusting! That put us both off our food, and the cafe. When we mentioned it they tried to pass it off as an uncooked lentil, as if after ten years of eating lentils I didn't know what an uncooked lentil looked like! Lentils don't come that big. So, our cafe experiences this week were disappointing, hopefully next week's are more pleasant! 
Next week is going to be a little bit exciting, aside from more house viewings, it's my friend Elisa's birthday party, and I'm going to be posting about my October sponsors throughout the week!


  1. Shopping for a flat is often frightening..I know we looked at some absolute bomb sites.. though luckily nobody yelled abuse at us. Hopefully you'll find something nicer next time.

    and I can't believe there was an actual rock in a burger they served you. That's crazy. and then for the staff to lie about it?? You must have been furious.. but at least it made for an amusing story on here!!

  2. I am so sorry that your rental viewings went so badly! That woman sounds mad!

    Btw, If my neighbor looked like the sand from my recent trip I wouldn't want to move but the slow internet is not worth the sand dunes! I hope you guess find a fabulous place soon!

    I've never had a rock in my food... That's so gross! In Las Vegas I found a bug in my mexican rice bowl. THAT was so nasty! lol

    a cup of subtle tea

  3. ohhh i can't even believe this! this happened to me one time... maybe i'll have to share it on my blog! hey, it makes for a good story now right?

  4. I was a bit annoyed about the rock, but I understand that things like this happen. I just would have preferred it to be something kitcheny like plastic or something. It was a rock that was like from gravel or something! Why was it in their kitchen! So I probs won't go back there to eat, their coffee was nice though. When we told them, we were polite about it, and one of the waitresses was a tad rude and the other kept saying really loudly 'things like this happen, we didn't plan on it'. Well, der. I can find it funny now, but when it happened I was really shocked and annoyed.

    Hannah, I'm going to post some pics of the beach here before I move. I've only been to the beach maybe 6 times, and just walked on the sand only!

    Meg, please do share your lentil burger from hell story! I'd love to read it!

  5. Ill have to try a lentil burger.


  6. i really hate when the restaurant/cafe tried to pass any problem like that off as not their fault. the best service is when they apologise and make even a tiny gesture of compensation.


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