Friday, October 14, 2011

Coffee Date & Cups of Tea

Today Luke & I ventured to Newcastle for an 11am tattoo appointment. Luke got the hottest tattoo of his child hood crush, Velma from Scooby Doo. I dropped him off at his appointment & met my dear friend Elisa at an old coffee house haunt for lattes and catch ups. It's been a month or two since I saw her last, and she's gone and got herself a cute straight fringe, and was sporting the most amazing nail polish, OPI crackle polish(check out her fingerrrr). She's one of the biggest babes I know.

After catch up lattes, I visited my lovely best friend Lara for cups of tea. We had two pots of tea; cinnamon & apple, and rosehip tea. They both were delightful, the cinnamon & apple would make for a perfect cup of ice tea. We spent most of the afternoon out together until Luke's tattoo was finished. We met up with Luke & checked out the controversial Laman Street Figs. Across from the art gallery in Newcastle is the most beautiful row of fig trees that provide the most picturesque city park, it truly is a beautiful spot. And for the past year or so there has been great controversy surrounding the figs as the council deems them a hazard, and therefor need to be removed. The figs are quiet a prominent Newcastle feature and the Newcastle Folk really do not want to part with them, and have so far been successful in saving them, however, last week they began turning them into wood chips. The overwhelming amount of protesters caused the demolition to cease action for a while, and since the first few branches were destroyed there have been peaceful demonstrations to encourage fig support. So we went down to the figs and there was a committed bunch of fig folk encouraging Newcastle drivers to 'honk' if they like trees. There were horns going off left, right & center! 

Afterwards we picked up some take away lattes & Luke & I made our way back to the coast in peak hour traffic. We finished off our lovely day with a pick-a-little-plate for dinner and drinks.


  1. I love that his crush was Velma and not Daphne, Velma was so much cooler

  2. haha i bet you pee
    like crazy that day
    coffee and teaa
    love it!

    the tattoo looks great


  3. Okay, his tattoo is pretty awesome! I must admit :)

    Sounds like a lovely, busy day. I can't wait to get home now and make some tea since it is getting chilly this weekend!

    a cup of subtle tea

  4. looks like such a fun day!

    that food looks delicious!

    xo katie


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