Monday, October 31, 2011

This Week Has Been An Interesting One!

Firstly, I hope you all enjoyed reading about my lovely October Sponsors throughout the week! They are a bunch of fantastic bloggers that you should all check out! I haven't been able to post/read much this week because so much has been going on. So heres a little catch up post..

This week has definitely been an interesting one! Luke & I began our week with some house hunting, which is always a stress free (not!) delight. And the houses we organised to view I went to by myself while Luke worked on the Tuesday. It started off being a rainy, dreadful looking week, and trying to look for houses while driving and googling all at once is not ideal. I even unfortunately ran over a bird, which I was not happy about. And as a result the family cat won't leave my car alone, it sure has broken up his day of sleeping in the sun and eating prawns with some awful excitement. And my lovely friend Lara came for a mid week sleep over , and then we went for coffee with my friend Holly on the Wednesday. Thursday we got a call bearing good news that we had been approved for a cute little two bedroom flat! So we move in mid November!

Friday Luke had the day off from work, so we went to the shops so I could get a new dress to wear to my friend Elisa's birthday dinner on Saturday. I was swayed by Lost Cabin's taco post during the week, so we had tacos & drinks while we watched 'Insidious' & 'The Room Mate'. Which was not a good idea before bed because I'm a scaredy cat, and I also had to get up super early for a job trial Saturday morning, which went super well by the way! I'm now a waitress at this cute little alternative cafe near my new flat! After my trial, Luke & I had cups of coffee & watched 'Daria' before I made my way to Newcastle to Elisa's birthday dinner. It was an interesting evening to say the least! I had a crumbed mushroom salad that was served with a massive knife, it was a salad sword! I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the birthday girl herself, but she looked mega amazing in a lilac pin up dress.

After dinner I had evening coffees with Lara and Tim. I never have a dull moment around those two. Tim is basically a female version of Lara, which is amazing because she is my favourite person. I drove home later than I anticipated and left myself few hours to sleep before I had my first full shift on Sunday. It's such a fun cafe to work at, everybody is super nice and the customers, without me telling them, spoke to me using my name & asked about me because they knew I was new.

This week has brought forth a lot of positive ch-ch-ch-changessss, which I am more than happy about! So to finish off an interesting week, Luke & I had pizza with drinks, watched 'Daria' and went to bed early!

p.sss, don't you just love The Subo pose! It makes photos magical!


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy week lady! Completely know how stressful it is house hunting, we're currently in the process of debating whether to move again or keep our contract running,and it's a full on nightmare trying to view them.. They say yes and blah blah blah! Least you got yourself a job, which is awesome news :-) and close to your place! Always a bonus.
    Pizza looks delicious too!x

  2. What toppings are on that pizza!???? I seriously was not hungry at all until I saw that image... YUMMZ!

    Janette the Jongleur

  3. Thanks Katy! It's been the best kind of busy! When we decided we were fed up with our shoebox about 2 years ago, we told our real estate, and started looking. I was completely naive, because it was THE time of year not to move out as everybody was looking. I went to at least 20 viewings and wasn't accepted for any of them and at the time I had 2 jobs. So we had to move out into something worse. Ugh! Maybe if your house isn't horrible, stay where you are until you can find something better?

    Oh, the pizzas were amazing! The green one had spinach, leek, mushroom & potato (i picked mine off though!). And the red one was tomato, cheese & rocket. I pretty much passed out afterwards!


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