Monday, December 30, 2013

Three Out Of Four Isn't So Bad

Early November I set myself four simple goals to work on during the last part of the year inspired by Elsie's goals from A Beautiful Mess. I wanted to spend more of my spare time making things, cross a couple of things off Romy's 'firsts' list, be more creative at meal times and step outside my comfort zone. I didn't quite get all four crossed off, so working on creative meals will have to go on the 2014 agenda!
Although I didn't accomplish all four of my goals, I happily crossed off 'spend time making things' first and was very impressed with myself with this one. I find that I have so many ideas for creative projects, and little time/motivation for them. I can't remember where I read this, but recently I came across a really helpful bit of advice that really motivated me with this particular goal, 'you will never find the time to do anything unless you make the time'. So one night after Romy was well and truly asleep I got out my craft box and made a felt Christmas decoration, and after one I was really inspired to make more. Luke & I decided to only put up a small tree this year because we all wouldn't be together for Christmas, so I only made four decorations for our tree and another one for a friend. I really enjoyed making these and will definitely be whipping up a few more for next years tree!
One of the most important firsts for Romy for me was going on her first picnic, and picnic she did! The end of November and early December went by so fast I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked in regards to Romy. She did however get her first tooth, start rocking back and forth on all fours, put her pacifier in her mouth on her own, started to dance to music on her own accord, and can say 'mum' & 'dad' (just not to us on purpose!). 
Setting the goal of stepping outside my comfort zone made me think about just how much I hold back in doing things. I posted earlier in the month about stepping outside my comfort zone with some different dress choices, and for my designated Christmas outfit I made the conscious effort to pick something I normal wouldn't. I have almost next to nothing bright and colourful in my closet, so while I was waiting for my Mum to finish work before we left for our road trip last week I quickly bought a bright pink & orange dress from a local boutique to wear on Christmas day. I also went to a mothers group baby craft day, which is something I wouldn't normally do. And it was even more out of my comfort zone as I only knew one of the mothers there, and it was in Sydney. I have never driven in Sydney so that was a whole other accomplishment in itself! 

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