Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Neighbours Ruined My Birthday

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Last Friday it was my birthday, and even though I'm not too into my own birthday I was excited to turn 25. My day started off nice enough with morning hugs from Romy, well thought out gifts from Luke & cups of tea with my sweet friend Sarah who had stayed over the night before. I dropped Luke off to work, and Sarah home on my way to the shops so I could pick up a couple of Christmas gifts and buy myself a birthday treat from Kikki.K (which is my new favourite shop). After a semi successful trip to the shops Romy & I pottered about the house before we went out to get a coffee from the cafe I work out. On our way out of the complex as we were driving down the driveway we passed a neighbour that we have very little to do with aside from a quick hello here and there. He was walking down the middle of the driveway and in his own time moved over so I could drive past him. As I passed him it seemed a little odd that he didn't say hello, but I quickly forgot about it and kept going on my way. When I got home and parked in my garage I was getting out of my car just about to close the garage door when I saw that he was standing behind my car with steam coming out of his ears, and this was when things started to go down hill. Rather than say hello, he asked me if I knew the speed limit for the driveway and without letting me answer proceeded to tell me that I took the driveway at 50 kilometres, when the speed limit is 8 km & that I almost killed him. I told him that it was rather impossible to drive that fast, to which he said 'well you were at least driving 40 km, you tried to run me over', and that was when I realised he was drunk. My 70-something year old neighbour was blind drunk at 2 pm, abusing me on my birthday while my other neighbours were either watching from their windows, or standing out the front watching from their doors. From this point the afternoon turned into a circus.

The lady that lives directly across from me has made complaints to our real estate since the second night we have lived here. She is your typical busy body that thrives on drama, so Friday afternoon was heaven for her. It took her less than ten minutes to get on the phone (I actually heard her making these calls) to the real estate, the owner and the strata agent letting them know that I am a reckless driver and how it especially concerns her as she worries for the safety of my child. There was so much back and forth in between houses that the complex was buzzing with retiree drama, and by the end of the weekend the actual events of Friday afternoon had changed entirely. Things escalated with the neighbour who started everything and first thing on Monday morning we went to the police station to make a complaint about it. This is not something I would normally do as I really don't like all the fuss, but after telling other people about the situation and being told numerous times (by the real estate included) to alert the police, we did. On our way there we received another phone call from our real estate asking us if our door were broken because apparently we "close them too loudly". Another complaint from our nosey neighbour trying to make things worse. 

A week has almost passed and I still cannot believe how my neighbours carried on, especially considering they are all over 50. Aside from Romy crying, we are the quietest people that live in the complex yet get the most complaints because we are renters in our mid twenties. Our lease ends in March and after the weekends events it could not come soon enough!


  1. That is HORRENDOUS!!! What horrible neighbours - though I'm not surprised they are all retirees - they don't have as much in their lives, so much more time to get annoyed at small things!! Sorry they ruined your birthday, but get out of there as soon as you can haha! xx

  2. *groan* I've experienced similar things with neighbours, you have my sympathy, I hope you manage to find a nicer neighbourhood in March x

  3. Oh, those are the worst kind of people. I hope when you think back on this birthday you remember the morning not the afternoon.

  4. I am so sorry you have to put up with this full stop, let alone on your birthday.. what assholes! Yay for being able to move in March though. :) Ben and I are finally moving out of our current complex next week, although our neighbours definitely don't sound anywhere near as bad as yours! xxx


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